An Execution In Bedestan

According to a document, that I obtained from the archives of Taha Toros and whose resource is unknown, an execııtion in bedestan happerred as follows: During the history of the Foundation there had been only one reporteel robbery incident. There had been only one erime in the bedestan which was secured by guards who were depenelant on a serious continuous bailing system. As follows: “It was towards the enel of August in the year of 1754. The guards of Sandal Bedestan heard a croaky and cleep souncl of a pickaxe at night. They suspected that it was coming from one of the shops. When they broke the cloor of one of the shops, they sa w a thief who came in by drilling the clome with his pickaxe in his hand. This strong and restless young man was one of the residents of Mimar Sinan neighborhoocl. He canfessed his erime in the Supreme Court the next day. The Court sentencecl him to death. This young man was hung to the cloor of the shop he inteneleel to rob with his pickaxe araund his ne ek.” If he committecl this erime in samewhere else, perhaps he wouldn’t be sentencecl to this harsh of a punishment, however since this place was considered as the safe of the glory of the Empire, the result was disincentive. The fact that with his pickaxe the young man triecl to reach to a point, where even many disasters !ike earthquake coulcln’t destroy, probably was consiclered as an unforgivable mistake.

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