Apple Tea And Sympathy Of Grand Bazaar

205Saralı Muldowney is an English modeL She has been coming to the Grand Bazaar for eight years. Muldowney says that she loves the Grand Bazaar very much, she sympathizes the apple tea served here. When I met her, she was sitting in a carpet shop and drinking apple tea with her mother. If she hadn’t sincerely told me that she was a model, I would have never thought of her being a model. Besides, she was not an ordinary model; she has been one of the indispensable names of Yıldırım Mayruk’s fashion showsfor eight years. She had a very plain look; ordinary trousers, a pale colored T-shiıt, and a pair of ordinary shoes. Needless to say that there was no make up on her face except some moisturizer. When she saw me looking strangely at the glass that had a green liquid in it, she said that she couldn’t do without drinking apple tea in the Grand Bazaar. “It doesn’t feellike anything else. It has such a tempting feeling that I can drink glasses full of this tea. This is something special to the Grand Bazaar.” I heard this comment from many tourists before, but I couldn’t understand it. According to me and the tradition, the only thing that would be drank in the Grand Bazaar while bargaining on a carpet or jewelry, was dark and strong black tea in a thin waist tea glass. Saralı Muldowney smiled roguishly: “This is what is popular nowadays.” “You can not find this anywhere else. Even if you do, you can’t get the same taste.”

Sarah Muldowney has been coming to İstanbul for eight years and meanwhile she visited the Grand Bazaar at least twenty times. “I can spend a whole week here” says she and tells that her house is full of items that she bought from the Bazaar !ike cushions, carpest, ground cloths, lantems, chandeliers, stools, tables and silver. Her house seems !ike a small model of the Grand Bazaar. A foreigner, who visits Grand Bazaar for the first time, may be surprised -if they are not ready for it- when they meet with crowd, noise and the annoyance of some buyers. Ye t, Sarah thinks just the opposite: “The annoyance of the buyers doesn’t disturb me. Besides if you don’t care, you may even enjoy it. After all, these are some of the elements that make this bazaar the Grand Bazaar.” I ask what she meant by the elements. “A piece from eveıything,” she says. “It rerninds me Egypt a little. Noise, rush, carpets, bargaining, everything. Here is a completely different world. I would not give up the conversation here in a store with a glass of apple tea for anything in the world.”

Sarah Muldowney

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