Bedestan And Grand Bazaar

In İstanbul, there are three big bazaars under these three names:

1) Cevahir Bedestan, Mücevher Bedestan, or Inner Bedestan

2) Sandal Bedestan

3) Galata Bedestan As the first two of these structures survived until today, the last one disappeared at least a century ago; its building is used as a storage.
Cevahir Bedestan or Inner Bedestan has partly lost its old brightness, fortune, in addition to same of its services and specialties in the daily life of the big city, old traditions and aspect; while Sandan Bedestan, left only as a meaningless name, lost its personality completely and became an ordinary auction arena instead of a Bazaar in charge of the City Hall. In general, covered markets are named as Bedestan. It is the simplified version of the word “Bezzazistan”. Bedestan is explained as “a place that sells cloths, place of cloth, a place that sells gorgeous fabrics, a place that sells guns, Sandal Bedestan” in the Ottoman dictionary. In Kamus-i Turki, the first Turkish dictionary written by Şemseddin Sami, Bedestan was explained: “the word is originally bezzazistan but is called bedestan which is a covered, guarded and affordable market that sells valuable fabrics, gun racks, jewelries and ete.” In the dictionaıy written by Ebuzziya Tevfik, bedestan is deseribed as “the market of tradesmen in which highly valuable goods are being sol d”. Two of the bedestans that are mentioned above are two detached buildings separated with doors in downtown İstanbul inside the big covered bazaar. Cevahir Bedestan is !ike the center point of the Bazaar, that is why it was named the Inner Bedestan; it is alsa called “Eski Bedestan, Atıyk Bedestan” which means Old Beelestan. Sandal Beclestan is on the east sicle of the Bazaar, in bct one of its cloors opens directly to the street, anel it is also callecl “New Bedestan”.

Cevahir Bedestan :  Turkish Encyclopeclia gives the following information about this histarical Bazaar: In the old İstanbul Beelestan which can be seen as an example for other bedestan builelings, there are spaces unclerneath the grouncl to put the safes, twenty eight repositories that are covered on four sicles anel trunks underneath these shops…>>

Bedestan at Evliya Çelebi : Big Bedestan has a rich literature along with its rich traditions, systems, customs, manners and life inside. Here is a description of the state of Big Bedestan in the midelle of the 17th centuıy, written in his own unique style by traveler and author Evliya Çelebi:”Old Bedestan is located in the most crowded and elite place in İstanbul and it is such a big treasure of the Osman family that it seems !ike “Kala-i Kahkaha”…>>
Hamallar ve Dellallar :   The number of porters is three hundred. Their leader is Peygam Ali who is from Selman which is in Tabriz. These porters give service outside the bedestan and do not come in from the four chained gates of the bedestan, but only help the tradesmen outside…>>

Resat Ekrem Kocus

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