Beyazit-i Bestanen

While İsmail Anca, who is one of the oldesr residents of the Bazaar and has a considerable amount of shops in Bodrum Inn, was teliing us his memoirs, he also mentioneel of very interesting notes: “I came to the Grand Bazaar in 1940s. We had a clothing store in Boclrum Inn. We usecl to !enel tuxeclos anel biblycocks. After the fire of 1954, leather shops replacecl clothing stores anel after that clothing stoı·es completely disappeared.” “One day Beyazıt-ı Bestanen comes to the Bazaar to buy himself a cardigan. He takes his old cardigan off, tries different new ones, buys one and leaves the Bazaar. Then, he comes back to the Bazaar, remembering that he left his old cardigan in one of the stores which he can not remember. He asks each and eveıy store he went in but he can not find his cardigan. He resents the traclesmen and says ‘You coveted my old cardigan; I hope you will become old dothes sellers.’ It is said that seliing old dothes starteel after this incident.” One of the things I wanted was to know how the tradesmen gathered arouncl the Prayer Field and starteel their day by praying together in the morning. What I learn from İsmail Anca was that there was not only one prayer field but various of them in clifferent sections of the Bazaar. As a matter of fact, many people who came to this area usecl to leave their bags in these fields and have some rest. İsmail Anca also told us a prayer he remembered:
“El rızk el AllahTevekkelli tel Allah Rızk kapısı Genab-ı Allah”



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