Current State


The Presidents

There are many important presidents who left their footprints in the histoıy of tl1e Grand Bazaar. Although the Grand Bazaar has an ordinary set of regulations, tl1e aud1ority that it gains from its traditions has always made the Bazaar’s impoıtance … Read More »


The Regulations Of The Grand Bazaar Development

l.In order to ensure the safety, development and order of the Grand Bazaar, which is one of our unique histarical heritage, The Grand Bazaar Development and Preservation Foundation was established. 2. The honorable founders of the previous organization that was … Read More »


The Grand Bazaar Regulations

Big Organizations grow bigger with their pasts.The biggest proofs of the history are the documents and the records.For that reason,we are presenting the original Grand Bazaar Foundation Regulations,which was published ooriginally in 1926 along with its translation in modern-day English … Read More »


Grand Bazaar Of The Associations and Presidents

In the Ottoman era, there was not any problem in the administration of the Bazaar. All of the problems were taken care of by the Akhism and Guild organizations. Besides, these organizations, which were under the supervision of the government, … Read More »


Management Models Of The Grand Bazaar

Since its first establishment in the 15th century, the Grand Bazaar is one of the most im portam complexes of the Near East and Mediterrenean. It is one of the most visited and written about places of the last two … Read More »


The Grand Bazaar Is Searching For Its Future

The brochure that was prepared for the conference Calling İstanbul the most beautiful city of the world would not be an exaggeration. It is a city that does not only unite two continents, but has brought the whole world together throughout … Read More »


The Roadmap Of Grand Bazaar

As the Grand Bazaar Tradesmen Foundation, we staıted a project with İstanbul Culture and Touıism Office in the midst of 2004. W e decided to arrange a search conference. For this conference, related and expeıt scientists and intellectuals were going … Read More »

Grand Bazaar Special Issue Magazine

In May 2004, duıing the election in the Bazaar, Dr.Hasan Fırat was elected as the chairman. At the time, we collected eight full trucks of garbage from the roof in a d1ree-month period. Plus, the remnants of d1e restorations done … Read More »


Grand Bazaar Hakki Tarik Us Collection

As you exit from the Beyazıt Gate, there is a two domed building, which is barely visible through the shanty looking stores. This four centuries old junior school, which is originally a part of Beyazıt Mosque complex, had spent its … Read More »