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Grand Bazaar Of The Museum

Have any of you ever seen the walls of the Bazaar? Even its gates are seized. The tradesmen display their greed and their lack of understanding of history, culture and values by hanging their merchandise with huge nails onto the … Read More »


Grand Bazaar Of Repair And Maintenance Expenses

1954 fire caused severe damages in the Bazaar. The governor of the time, Kerim Gökay, and the head of the Grand Bazaar Tradesmen Union, Mehmet Esmer, had showed great effort in order to re-construct the Bazaar. On April 25, 1955, … Read More »


Grand Bazaar Of The Scattered Inns

In the Grand Bazaar, there are a great number of large and smail inns whose entrances are mostly inside tl1e Bazaar. Just !ike destroyed rose gardens; they are waiting for the day of meir revival. The value of mose smail … Read More »


Grand Bazaar Of The Electrical Wires

Taday there is stili this wire terror lived in the Grand Bazaar. The telephone and diaphone wires create an extreme visual pollution. When you add a good number of lambs hanging sporadically from eveıywhere to that, you can imagine the … Read More »


Whose Property Is The Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar has always been veıy important. The Bazaar, which saclly had happened to be the sitting target of many ten·oıist attacks, is the cultmal and business symbol for the whole Anatolia as well as the seeret economy of … Read More »