East Has Departed West Has Went Arrived

East had departed, West haven’t arrived. The gates of Ottomans were opened to westernization, or to behave like Europeans, in 1839. But, from that gate, the trend of westernization did not flow inside !ike a flood at once. It leaked slowly. The social change brought by this trend was not Iate to reflect on the Grand Bazaar. The big earthquake in 1894 served as a cause to this change. The traditions and customs of the Bazaar, along with the goods for sale had changed. In the Grand Bazaar, the shops used to be called cabinets. As the name implies, they were just !ike cabinets but the doors would actually open and close from the top, and as the tradesmen came in the morning and opened the door, the cabinets were ready for the business.

The cabinets were treasures which were a little bigger than actual cabinets but sınaller than shops. Inside the shop, there would be a bench where the owner sat in cross legged. The goods would be hung or sit on the shelves behind the shop or cabinet owner. When a customer came, the owner could show the goods to his customer by reaching them behincl without getting up to his feet. The cabinet system is more sufficient than Europe when it comes to the marketing tecniques; this system makes clisplaying easier. Also, customers feel more comfortable. However, with the westernization, the cabinets began to vanish. If it was all up to me, I would turn an entire street back to the cabinet system. The magnificence of the Ottoman Empire is seen in the Grancl Bazaar. Despite its condition toclay, the Grancl Bazaar is stili the only address for tourists. The government needs to direct tourists here. With the right arrangments,

Grand Bazaar must be at the same level as the Burlington Arcade. It is a must to improve the quality of the goocls. I said that the east had clepartecl. As it left, it took the heaıts, manners, anel memories with it. Although we got some things from the West in the place of these, they only left more blanks because of their corruptions, instead of filling them. If we could learn something about architecture from the West, the leads on the roof woulcl not be removecl during the restaration of the Grancl Bazaar after the fire in 1954 It is not Iate for the Grand Bazaar. But there is a lot to do. First of all, the anarchy araund the Grand Bazaar should be removed. Inside, the culture anel shopping should be combinecl. Exhibitions should be openecl; conferences should be arranged; music concerts should be given. The return of the books is a necessity for the Grancl Bazaar, which used to be the center of antiquarian booksellers.

Çelik Gülersoy

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