From The Grand Bazaar For Generations Ethem Tezcakar

157There are such pictures that words fail to tell their stories. In the Halıcılar Avenue of the Grand Bazaar, a young man from the fifth generatian lives peaceful and proud moments, with his father. Und e Ethem hugs each of us not only as the father of Bekir Tezçakar, but !ike a father to all of us. He talks to us with love and respect that he obtains from the peaks of the Bazaar’s culture. He hugs his guests in such a friendly way. Anyone, who passes by his door and says hi, becomes his guest. Today, there aren’t many !ike him left, who generously welcomes eveıyone. Uncle Ethem who warms our hearts with his warm smile in the middle of the weeping columns … did not vanish; his existence is the symbol of every beautiful thing that comes from past to present. He never quarrels, never breaks hearts, never thinks negative about anyone and never treats these features as virtues. Bekir is always proud of the fact that his family has been in the Bazaar for five generations. He is good, friendly, and, in the end, the son of U nde Ethem. But, for some reason, he named his coffee shop, which he opened beside his father’s histarical coffee house, as “Cafe Life.” No, Bekir, that name was not appropriate. Life is life in every language, but the life in the Grand Bazaar is the space where Uncle Ethem resides. I reproached Bekir, believing that he would not be mad at me. Yet, everybody knows that with his polite nature inherited from his father, he hugs all of us with love.

However, even though sametimes he is jealous of his father’s attention to us, he would not say anything out of respect. Anyway, I am glad that you are here. You contribute a different meaning to the Bazaar by being one of the best examples of the existence from generations to generations. May you live long? The Grand Bazaar stili exists by virtue of this pure culture which is inheıited from one generatian to another, and it will keep existing as long as this culture remains.

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