Grand Bazaar Be A Palace For Cinema

When I fırst saw the Italian famous director, Bemarda Bertolucd’s “The Sheltering Sky” movie, I thought; “I definitely have to go to the desert where this movie was shot”. In the movie, just !ike a witch, the desert was calling out all of its mortal slaves to itself. It was endless and dreadful. For that reason, I was very exdted when I got on the plane that was going to take me to Morocco three years ago. I was going to be able to drink tea in the natural eıwirrmıııcnts where “The  Shclteıing Sky” was shot and vatd1 the endless redness of the desert.. what happened and it happened so that Morocco was just like a dream and everywhere was !ike a movie set. Then T expresseci this feeling to a Moroccon aı-cheolog:ist, “You are not wrong’ sai he. Yes, Morocco really had the places which movie makers love very much and within a year in Morocco, me number of movies shot by American and European movie companies was nearly forty. Plus, if you add the children movies that were shot in the magical places of the desert, in the little villages, me number approached to fifty. I really envied these numbers. It was at me time I wandered in me famous Petra of Jordan, when I personally witnessed what an effective tool of propaganda a movie could be. Petra means ‘pink day’. This place is a rocky and covered place, which people found in the very old centuries in order to hide themselves from me enemy tribes just like our Cappadoda.

The color of the rocks is pink. Now, the region is entirely a touristic area. You start to wander in the moming and barely finish wandering in the evening. Inside ilie city iliere are beautiful restaurants and resting places. 111is place is tl1e apple of Jordan’s eye. White I was tl1ere, it was full of rich American touıists. I soon leamed the reason of mat enormous attention. American famous director Steven Spielberg shot the adventure Indiana Jones movie in this place. Touıists were eagerly buying ilie videos of this place bere Indiana Jones was shot. At that time, I sadly thought; how much a movie can actually do … Why do I teli these; a month ago, in a conversation, my dear friend Rifat Dedeoğlu told me that he was going to publish a magazine for tl1e Grand Bazaar and asked me if there were any Turkish or foreign movies tl1at was shot in tl1e Bazaar. I irnmediately searched the books in the library and asked to those who I believed knew the matter. Yes, there wasn’t any Turkish movie that the Grand Bazaar was in. There were only documentaries. And it was a documentary on the craftsmen and crafts that were extinct. In fact, tl1is reality shocked me. Why didn’t Grand Bazaar, whicl1 is one of fue most colorful places of fue world, take part in any movie or why wasn’t any movie shot about fue life in it? Yes, this bazaar, which sits in me middle of İstanbul, was !ike me Pandora’s Box which was not opened yet. 11 is extraordinary bazaar, where the most beautiful carpets,

Işıl Özgentürk

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