Grand Bazaar Hakki Tarik Us Collection

As you exit from the Beyazıt Gate, there is a two domed building, which is barely visible through the shanty looking stores. This four centuries old junior school, which is originally a part of Beyazıt Mosque complex, had spent its last years by hosting Hakkı Tarık Us Library which is the best library on Ottoman periodical publications. When the library was closed down, all these priceless pieces were left to rot. Even the door of the libraıy was out of sight. As the library had lost its function, it was seized and added to the neighbor store. It is hard to decide which one to revolt against: the loss of the priceless pieces or the waste of the libraıy for a few shanty stores? We expresseel our protest at the fourth issue of the Grand Bazaar Magazine. Thank God, the histarical pieces got transferred to Beyazıt Public Library just after our publication. But, as far as I know, the process of classification took up to three years. When are we going to recognize our own values? For example, might a museum or a emtural center be what the Grand Bazaar needs? I found a way to enter the backyard of the Grand Bazaar many times. There is a gorgeous garden right behind this two seetioneel backyard. I believe that instead of modern cafes, an Ottoman style coffee shop can be opened there. One seetion of the backyard can be a museum supported with visual materials. If such a museum gets established,

I am ready to donate all the pictures, documents and gravures I have. In addition, nice samples of every merchandise in the Grancl Bazaar can be displayed in this museum. I am again ready to give items for free for this project if the museum gets opened . The second seetion can be used to suppoıt handicrafts. If a supportive enviroment is created, craftsmen !ike l10okah tube makers, knitters, jewelıy designers anel calligraphers can demonstrate their arts live. A small Bazaar could also be formed. It is not hard to do all these at all, as long as we want.

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