Grand Bazaar In The Tea Houses And Cafes

I was the Secretaıy-General of The Grand Bazaar Foundation in 2000. In Halicilar Street, a friend nameel Metin Tosun opened up new place and changed the entire atmosphere in this place. Fes Cafe had became the centre of attraction for his visitors with its modem look and  quality service. Since the stores in the bazaar are smail, the tables and chairs were carried out to the street. T11is modern looking place was also found its place in the media with its different style. Right across Fes Cafe, on the corner, there was a small tea house which had been serving tea and beverages to the people of the Bazaar for five centuries. Easier said than done, they had been in the bazaar for five centuries. They had an exttaordinaıy place with small silver trays and stools. T11ese two places, which seems completely opposite from one another, was act:ually provicling a veıy special richness for the Bazaar. But as the space they took expanded in time, it caused an enoımous crowd in the street. In the history of the Bazaar, anything new would face with a reaction. The fact that these two places facing one anather occupied the entiı·e street made other tradesmen excessively uncomfortable. One day they brought a petition to the foundation. The entiı·e tradesmen were complainants against these two places. The petition was signed by all the tradesmen and was sealed. As the foundation, we called the last representative of tea houses, Bekiı· Tezçakar, the owner of Fes Cafe, Metin Tosun. We explained the situation to them. T11ey agreed on removing the tables backwards. But, there was a different situation here. This cafe was a fiı·st. Its style was something new.

The reaction of the tea house was veıy normal. T11e reaction of the tradesmen, who are not used to cafes, was also normal. They needed tin1e to get used to it. As a matter of fact, in a few years, this street was turned into a place in elemand by the customers to have some rest with three cafes and one tea house. The next cafe (Cafe Life) was opened by the veıy owner of the tea house. This way, any thoughts against cafes disappeared. But, to me, Fes Cafe anel Tezçakar tea house of that street are the heroes of development. Later on, a nice and elecent place called Ay Cafe got openecl in Takkeciler street. The owner of Ay Cafe, Ms.Uzay from Mengen, became famous with her cheesecakes anel apple pies that she bakeel herself. In the beginning Ms.Uzay facecl with some clifficulties for being a woman in the Bazaar, a place don1inated by men. Some of the workers coulcl sametimes use inappropriate worcls while ralking or look attentively to a beautiful woman. But after Ms.Uzay came, Takkeciler Street had a woman’s touch. T11is magical touch caused an extTaordinaıy change in eveıyone’s behaviors. Moreover, Ms.Uzay had good qualities other than baking delicious cheesecakes, !ike being a good backgammon player. When she beat eveıy man she playeel with in game parties, she became a more respected women in people’s eyes. The traclesmen staıtecl to behave more polite as a result of her effect on d1em. Even d1e traclesmen’s attitucles towarcls customers had positively changecl. I believe, if the existence of one single woman causecl d1ese positive changes in the Bazaar, the increase of number of women iı1 the bazaar will bring a new face to the Grancl Bazaar.

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