Grand Bazaar Of Repair And Maintenance Expenses

1954 fire caused severe damages in the Bazaar. The governor of the time, Kerim Gökay, and the head of the Grand Bazaar Tradesmen Union, Mehmet Esmer, had showed great effort in order to re-construct the Bazaar. On April 25, 1955, a law mımbered 6538 on the restaration and repairation of the Bazaar was published by the official newspaper numbered 8989. The expenses for the roads and arehes were met by the Ministıy of Public Works. The City of İstanbul undeıtook the cost of the restaration of stores. But the amount of money that was determined by the Ministry of Public Works was paid back in payments to the City of İstanbul by the storeowners in ten years. This means that the repair and maintenance costs of the stores were paid by the storeowners whi.le the govemment paid for the damage on the street and its components. At the end of this fire, the Bazaar was brought back to life whi.le same parts were ignored. One of these ignored places was Sarraf Inn, a value stil! waiting for restaration to come back to life. A well-done restaration would fill one of the most significant holes of the Bazaar. This place could be turned into a museum, cultural center or an art studio, only if we stop filling our values with trashes.


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