Grand Bazaar Of The Electrical Wires

Taday there is stili this wire terror lived in the Grand Bazaar. The telephone and diaphone wires create an extreme visual pollution. When you add a good number of lambs hanging sporadically from eveıywhere to that, you can imagine the enorrnous traffic of wires. The situation was worse until 1986. While the electrical wires hung over the walls and ceilings were threatening the whole Bazaar, that year, a foreign delegate visited the Bazaar. As he realized the threat which such an irnportant histarical inheritance was under, he wrote a Jetter explaining the situtation to Turgut Özal, the prirne minister of the time. Turgut Özal took the sit:Lıation in hand and gave orders to the Department of Energy to carıy all the wires to underground. However, during the subsurface exploration that we had done in 2002, we were shocked to find out that the electric wires and the water canals were laid together. Any water cana! that could leak mioht “” have caused a tragedy. W e were literally living ona bomb. We tried to relocate thewiresas much as we could, but it was not enough.

The Earthquake 1999 : After the earthquake, although many damaged buildings were reporteel to the authorizecl government agencies, no response was received. Only, a report of the clamages that were cletermined was presentecl to the Foundation, but, no steps were taken by the authorizecl agencies for the reparations. Here is the damage report from the Ministry of Public Work.

Grand Bazaar Due To The Aftershocks And The Earthquake Dated  (08.17.1999) :

*On the roof and inside Zenneciler, horizontal wall fracture in the Ortakazazlar St. ”’Horizontal wall fracture in Ressambasmacılar and Divrikli St. *There are vertical fractures around the stretcher irons in Yağlıkçılar road, Halıcılar road anel in front of the Çakırağa Mosque. *In the junction of Yağlıkçılar Rd and Yorgancılar Rd, along with the rotten interior irons and fallen plasters, there are also fractures on the interior anel exterior walls, and around the dome stretcher irons. ”’There are horizontal fractures in the arehes in front of the stores numbereel 108-110 and 139 in Kalpakçılar Rd. *There is a vertical fracture beside the window of the store no. 163 in the Kalpakçılar Rcl. *There are fractures on the stones of the Çarşıkapı Entrance ”There is a horizontal fracture between the two arehes in front of the store no. 10 in the Terpuşçular St. ”There are fractures in the entrance of the Poultıy  Bazaar, and in the stores numbereel 24-29-31-33- 34-36 in the Fur Bazaar *There are horizontal fractures in front of the stores no. 8-9-27-29 in Kalpakçılar Rcl. *There is a fracture in front of the restroom in Sarıhacıhasan St. *There are fractures in front of the stores no. 25-28 in Perdahçılar St. ”There is fracture on the arch of the dome in the junc- tion of Keseciler Rd anel Takkeciler St. ”There is fracture on the front walls of the stores no. 12- 14 in Terziler St. ”There are fractures on the columns of Bodnım Inn. *Thare are fractures on the walls around the fountain in the Tekkeciler St. *There are horizontal opened cracks on the beams at Şerifefendi St in Inner Bedestan.


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