Grand Bazaar Of The Museum

Have any of you ever seen the walls of the Bazaar? Even its gates are seized. The tradesmen display their greed and their lack of understanding of history, culture and values by hanging their merchandise with huge nails onto the walls located right next to the gate. Its walls are blocked because of the shanties and illegal structures. The Bazaar is blockaded with chaos. I don’t think the tourists would feel anything other than bewilderment when they see the situation of the Bazaar where they always come with adornment. While I was visiting the archeology museum in Selanik, I noticed that they have made a huge museum out of what they found in two graves. Before seeing it, I overestimated Acropolis, which But was act:ually one twentieth of Ephesus. Why shouldn’t the Grand Bazaar have a museum while it is the source of many work of arts which embellishes many museums of the world.The leather-polishing machine, which is made all of wood, is waiting upstairs of Cebeci Inn for its destiny. It is stil! in working condition but nobody knows. There used to be a library and even a school in the Grand Bazaar. But now, it is a place of mostly uneducated people.

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