Grand Bazaar Of The Scattered Inns

In the Grand Bazaar, there are a great number of large and smail inns whose entrances are mostly inside tl1e Bazaar. Just !ike destroyed rose gardens; they are waiting for the day of meir revival. The value of mose smail stores and the crafts inside, which survive only wim personal efforts, are being appreciated mostly by foreign inhabitants of İstanbul. In which modem mali you can find a hookah master, a copper master whose hands revive old metals, or a master who tums old nautical items into works of art, which can even make the most popular designers jealous?

When I saw Küçük Ayasofya Madrasah, I remembered Cebeci Inn. Couldn’t mis cultural richness be applied to Cebeci Inn? I am sure tl1at Cebeci Inn would be much nicer mat way. We used to dream about things all the time wim Iate Rifat Dedeoğlu, a journalist and the editor of our magazine. Our dream was to open up an art studio in Çukur Inn and an art exhibition in Cebeci Inn. Zinclı·li Inn is one of me most beautiful and less damaged inns of the Grand Bazaar. When I say less damaged, I mean that it stili reflects me original atmosphere of me building even after being severly damaged from me earthquake. Many of the inns carry only a few of their original building blocks. Onto me wreck of mese structures, along wim some remaning pieces, ugly shanty-like buildings were built. This is me destiny of Cebeci Inn. In me picture I got from Çelik Gülersoy, all of me magnificence and beauty of the inn is seen before the earthquake in 1894. But when it comes to 1970′s, iliis inn was almost turned into garbage wim the debris from me earthquake and leftovers from Grand Bazaar restorations. The situation has not changed until 1980′s. The inn’ s ground !eve! is higher man me Bazaar’s because of me 1,5 meter high rubbles that were spreaded on me ground.


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