Hard Work


Grand Bazaar Of Engraver

Master Müslüm has personality which is loved and respected by eveıyone in Cebeci Inn. If he was absent for a while because of a minor sickness, all of his neighbours would staıt to worıy and his absence would be noticed … Read More »


Grand Bazaar Of Calligrapher

When Mustafa Mukadder Erol was sixteen years old, his idol was neitl1er a soccer player nor a pop star. His idol was Hüseyin Kutlu, ilie imam of ilie Hekimoğlu Ali Paşa Mosque, an old mosque remaining from Ottoman peıiod, in … Read More »


Carpet Rug Repairer

In the Cebeci Inn, Tevfik and Nizam brothers restore the useless and damaged copper iten1S at homes. Master Rıza creates wonderful objects out of nautical materials. Although the new teclmology had stolen his occupation, Kenan usta stili contıibute to the … Read More »


Grand Bazaar Of Jewellery

The most important characteristic of Nacit Pak, who has perceived jewelıy making as an art and shared his beautiful designs with people in Zinciı·!i Inn for years, is that he was able to become one of the best in his … Read More »


Grand Bazaar Of Tombac

Atilla Y anık is one of d1e most impoıtant masters of d1e Grand Bazaar. I had never seen him walking slowly. He is short and doesn’t have a minute to waste as he walks wid1 quick steps wifu his curly … Read More »


Gramophone Repirer

One day in 2001, Iate Rifat Dedeoğlu came to my shop in Cebeci Inn, canying a huge gramophone. I loved d1e gramaphone fue moment I saw it. After listening to it, I kept it for myself and he had to … Read More »


Grand Bazaar Of Knitter

As you enter the Bazaar from Çarşıkapı and keep on walking in the fountain’s street, Şark Kahvesi and old Prayer Field welcomes you. And when you follow Yağlıkçılar Avenue, in front of perhaps the littlest shop in Bazaar you will … Read More »


Grand Bazaar Of Glazier

When I met Master Kenan and started to talk with him, he reminded me of that roughneck but humble and respectful Turkish craftsmen or taxi driver movie characters. He was experienced, overwhelmed but was stili holding his head high. His … Read More »


Grand Bazaar Of Porter

They are the people who not only carry the goods and richness of the Grand Bazaar, but also the grief and burden of this mysterious system. They are the porters of the Grand Bazaar. .. Tons of goods, fumitures, carpets, … Read More »


Grand Bazaar Of Sadekar

There are hunclrecls of jewelıy stores in the Grand Bazaar. When my friend Faruk Sevdik, who is the owner of Sevdik Jewelry Store, told me that he was going to Çuhacı Inn I asked him to take me, too. Çuhacı … Read More »