Hard Work


Grand Bazaar Of Shipwreck

Since the day I settled in Cebece inn, Master Rıza caught my attention the most. His shop resembled a ship in the sea with its appearance, display windows and interior decoration. Shop windows were !ike the ones in a ship. … Read More »


Grand Bazaar Of Coppersmith

Nizam entered my shop rubbing his hands wid1 his always-smiling face and far d1inner shape than Master Tevfik. After greeting, he handed me my samovar that he had repaired. When I asked him how much I owe him, he looked … Read More »


Hookah Hose Maker

Ihsan Uçyıldız would be seventy seven years old if he was stili alive today. He was doing his aıt with passion until four years ago. I often recall, with admiration, his humble manners along with his effoıts to be comprehensible … Read More »