History of Grand Bazaar


Bedestans InThe Grand Bazaar

Sandal  Bedestan (New Bedestan) Bedestan-i Cedid : Sandal bedestan was built on thick stone elephant feet by the commancl of Mehmecl the Conqueror. The records on this bedestan in the Act of Mehmecl the Conqueror Foundation was: … The shops inside … Read More »


The Broken Links of History

There is not any detailed and comprehensive information about the histoıy of the Grand Bazaar, which used to be the world’s trade center at one time. Since there is not a continuous and central record system, the information is obtained … Read More »


The Grand Bazaar And Medieval Economy

The Grand Bazaar is such an important source of data that gives hints about the social and economical structure of the Ottoman Empire and the republic of Turkey. ff a study on the country was done in the Grand Bazaar, … Read More »


Grand Bazaar Antiques

The auctions in Sandal Beclestan which staıtecl in 1915 and was the only center of precious goocl became history. Although currently Sandal Bedestan only has stores, it was the most impoıtant commercial structure of the Fatih period. Nowadays a clifferent … Read More »


The Auction Of The Grand Bazaar

Refi Cevat Ulunay gives special information while he talks about Sandal Bedestan in one of his articles in 1962: “Hand woven fabrics used to be sold in Sandal Bedestan in the past. After the 19th century when the European fabrics … Read More »


The Grand Bazaar Used To Be A Book Heaven

At a time the Grand Bazaar was one of the most impoıtant book centers in the world. As an antiquarian bookseller, Hasan Coşkun (1) tells us about the cultural magnificence in the Grand Bazaar for a period of time and … Read More »


The Restaurant

Everyone knows how rich the Ottoman cuisine is. But, there are many people who cannot even imagine the fact that there were not any restaurants in the Grand Bazaar and the city in the past. When we think of the … Read More »


The Slave Market

In the part where Osman Boztepe, a senior tradesman, tells some of his memories during his interview in Bedestan in 1947, Cemaleddin Bildik explains how the tradesmen of the Bazaar figure out the economic status of the customers. Indeed, many … Read More »


The Markets Of Istanbul And The Grand Bazaar

Markets, covered or uncovered, have always been the most active anel colorful side of social life. These markers are the arenas for social and economic life. Some sales booths are chirpy anel some just wait quietly for their loyal customers. … Read More »


Streets Of The Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar was seriously damaged by the 1894 İstanbul earthquake and as a result, required anather drastic restoration. During this restoration, Bazaar was minimized by eliminating some parts of it. Çadırolar and Kürkçüler Gates were completely eliminated and Dua, … Read More »