History of Grand Bazaar


O City Of Istanbul

After the mosques which add more beauty to the incomparable beauty of İstanbul with their delicare minarets and gorgeous domes, our histarical GRAND BAZAAR which is called “La Grande Bazaar” by foreigners is the most famous place in İstanbul. Tourists … Read More »


Hamallar And Dellallar

The number of porters is three hundred. Their leader is Peygam Ali who is from Selman which is in Tabriz. These porters give service outside the bedestan and do not come in from the four chained gates of the bedestan, … Read More »


Bedestan at Evliya Çelebi

Big Bedestan has a rich literature along with its rich traditions, systems, customs, manners and life inside. Here is a description of the state of Big Bedestan in the midelle of the 17th centuıy, written in his own unique style … Read More »


Cevahir Bedestan

Turkish Encyclopeclia gives the following information about this histarical Bazaar: In the old İstanbul Beelestan which can be seen as an example for other bedestan builelings, there are spaces unclerneath the grouncl to put the safes, twenty eight repositories that … Read More »


Bedestan And Grand Bazaar

In İstanbul, there are three big bazaars under these three names: 1) Cevahir Bedestan, Mücevher Bedestan, or Inner Bedestan 2) Sandal Bedestan 3) Galata Bedestan As the first two of these structures survived until today, the last one disappeared at … Read More »


Istanbul Seventy Years Ago

The Grand Bazaar is the sum of a hundred bazaars. Eveıy Sunday, it becomes a smail museum, bazaar and theater at the same time. The Grand Bazaar does not stand out with its outlook anel it is impossible to imagine … Read More »


The Grand Bazaar And It’s History

Mehmecl the Conqueror oı·clerecl to buiJel markets, inns, shops, Turkish baths, houses and mosques after he conquered İstanbul. (1) Coverecl bazaars which were built to sell cloths in the east and allocatecl for the trade of eveıy kinci of valuable … Read More »


The History

I came to the Grand Bazaar exactly in 1992. What was this place? Who built it? Who knows what happened here over the years? In the Bazaar, people of three generations, who made their living in this place, were teliing … Read More »


The History of Grand Bazaar

The foundation of Grand Bazaar was laid in 1461. It is one of the unique centers in Istanbul to be visited with 60 narrow streets in 37.700 square meters giant like labyrinth, and more than 3600 shops. It is a … Read More »