In The Eyes Of a Stranger


The Grand Bazaar’s Poetic Side

Considering the fact that there are not ınany books written on the Grand Bazaar, we thought that there would not be many poems about it as well. However, Emin Nedret İşli proved us wrong by f”ınding as many poems as … Read More »


We Will Miss The Grand Bazaar Very Much

It is hustle and bustle; it is calm and quiet. It gives peace, it excites. It scares some, makes some in love. W e continue to look at the Grand Bazaar from the eyes of the foreigners with an Iranian … Read More »


The Grand Bazaar Means Friendship

Long years ago, Rob Roy McCampbell discovered the world of carpets at the age of 61 and became addicted to the Grand Bazaar. In the end, McCampbell married a Turkish girl and to him, the Grand Bazaar is not only … Read More »


The Grand Bazaar Is A Treasure

The couple Ken and Kali Marquardt, who have been the frequenters of the Grand Bazaar for nine years say: ”You shouldn’t let the European Union enter here.” In a foreigner’s eye the value of the Grand Bazaar is different. The … Read More »


The Grand Bazaar The Summary Of Turkey

While we are dealing with the economic crisis, a French administrator and his wife, who live in istan- bul, say that the erisis has already ended by taking their three years of experiences in Turkey into con- sideration. According to … Read More »


Apple Tea And Sympathy Of Grand Bazaar

Saralı Muldowney is an English modeL She has been coming to the Grand Bazaar for eight years. Muldowney says that she loves the Grand Bazaar very much, she sympathizes the apple tea served here. When I met her, she was … Read More »


This Is A Crazy Place

The couple, Stavros and Georgia Kofinas, thought of the Grand Bazaar as ‘a crazy place’ when they came here f’ırst thirty years ago. They deseribe the Grand Bazaar, where they started to come after a long tiıne and became regulars … Read More »