Infected EyeGlasses

The incident, that the joumalist Yiğiter Uluğ told when he came to the Bazaar for a research, is a familiar, optimistic, and a nice stoıy for the Bazaar. One of his friends, who is a basketball coach from the US, visits him. His friend, an adınirer of the Bazaar, forgets his eyeglasses in a store while shopping in Cevahir Bedestan. As he has a friendly conversation with the dealer, he leaves his business card with his address and phone number on it. The store owner finds out about the eyeglasses later on, however he does not krıow where he stays in Turkey. Thus, he calls the number on the card which is his number in the US. He explains the woman on the phone what happened, and asks her if she would !ike him to mail the eyeglasses to the States. He mails them with a cargo company, as she requests. The interesting events happen from then on. The September ll takes place at the time. Thus, particularly the international cargos get subjected to tight security check for they may contain anthrax. FBI starts searching the small package that is sent from Turkey and contains the coach’s eyeglasses. They find interesting results. They find a type of virus on the eyeglasses. Since the recipient has not come back to the US yet, they speak with the same woman and teli her that d1ey will either send the package back to the sender, or destroy it. The woman lets them destroy it for sending it back to Turkey would mean nothing, but an extra cost to the sender. The fear, which prevails over the US, could not shadow the courtesy of Turkish tradesmen, and whenever he visits Turkey, this famous basketball coach keeps coming to the Bazaar and visits tl1is tradesman.

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