James Bond at the Grand Bazaar

The 25th “007James Bond”film “Skyfall”s plot of 18 minutes was shot at some locations in İstanbul Grand Bazaar, Adana and Muğla. The first 18 minutes of the 90 minutes film take place in those places in Turkey. The shootings of these 18 minutes which arc full of action scenes had started at the roofs of the Grand Bazaar and continued at various streets in Eminönü, Fatih and Balat. Shootings were continued at Kasım Gülek Bridge (which is next to railway station in Adana), at the wagons, at historical Misis and ended at the 172 meters length and 99 meters height Varda Bridge which was constructed between two cliffs and opened to service in 1912 by Germans.

“Grand Bazaar Motorbike Chase”

“Skyfall – Istanbul Opening Scene Feauturette”

The staring actor Daniel Craig will ride on his motorcycle on the roofs of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, moreover he will fall down from Kasim Gülek Bridge in Adana. He will also jump on to the wagons from the bridge and arrive to the historical Varda Bridge. He will fall again from th bridge and come out of the sea m Fethiye Muğla.

The film crew of 300 people will stay in Turkey for 2,5 months for the 18 minutes shooting. It is expected to provide a great contribution to tourism in Turkey.

The producer Michael G. Wilson has expressed his pleasure to be in Turkey at the press conference held in Legacy Ottoman Hotel. He told that they have constructed a platform on the roof of the Grand Ba7.aar and motorbikes were ridden on that platform to avoid any harms.

The Minister of Culture and Tourism received the producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson at his set and told that some of shooting places had become the tourists’ point of interest in following years. He also told that the film’s opening scene and various other scenes of Turkey will add a special consciousness of tourism in the world.

James Bond was shot in Turkey in 1963 also.

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