Old Tales


The Director Of Ptt In The Grand Bazaar

He came to the Grand Bazaar on December 14th 1984. He has been working here for exact twenty four years. We learn from him that the first Grand Bazaar Posta! Center was opened in Sandal Bedestan. On August 1954, P.T.T … Read More »


Beyazit-i Bestanen

While İsmail Anca, who is one of the oldesr residents of the Bazaar and has a considerable amount of shops in Bodrum Inn, was teliing us his memoirs, he also mentioneel of very interesting notes: “I came to the Grand … Read More »


Grand Bazaar Of The Mirror

After the Grand Bazaar Magazine starteel to be publishecl, famous archievist Taha Toros accepted to see me. Eveıy corner of his house was arranged as archives. There one saw the effort and work of years. He macle his assistants examine … Read More »


The First Bank Of The World

While Cemaleddin Bildik, an interview journalist who wrote beautiful articles about the daily life in İstanbul in the daily newspaper Akşam for years, was wandering around the Big Bedestan between the years of 1940-1950 he mentioned of these boxes and … Read More »


The Adhan Of Constitutional Monarchy

In the Bazaar there was a smail mosque which was built during the times of Mahmut II. Lately some of the poorer tradesmen used to come to the mosque to become the muezzin. One day while one of these men … Read More »


Property And Traditions

The Property Cushion The Propriety cushion! If you go into the Bazaar after a tourist or a beautiful elegant woman, it is normal to feel !ike you want to get out of there before you even finish walking through the … Read More »


The Royal Car In The Bazaar

The big and neat road that goes from Beyazıt to Nuruosmaniye in the Grand Bazaar is callecl Kalpakçılar Avenue. Before, cars were forbiclclen in the Bazaar. However in the times of Abdülaziz, when the French Queen Spanish lacly Eugenia passeel … Read More »


Grand Bazaar Of Ottoman Empire

The Phonograph  The shape and the people of the Inner Bedestan keeps changing. It was 1950′s. Here is the stoıy of a phonograph from the archives of Taha Toros: “At the time the phonographs first came out, one man decided … Read More »


An Execution In Bedestan

According to a document, that I obtained from the archives of Taha Toros and whose resource is unknown, an execııtion in bedestan happerred as follows: During the history of the Foundation there had been only one reporteel robbery incident. There … Read More »


Grand Bazaar During The Times Of Ottoman Empire

Derüşafaka :  People start to gather araund the gates by the early morning. Since the gates are opened in a specific time, they have to wait. In 1860s a Pasha mingles with this crowcl. He clecicles that these people, who were … Read More »