Sarraf Inn

We do not know for how long Saffaf Inn, As a result, a passage underground was founcl. One of the workers locatecl right next to Cebeci Inn, has been clemolishecl, but it is clear d1at it has been a wrack for a long time. Even though the structure  went undemeath the grouncl wid1 a flashlight in his hane
He saw an ongoing, completely constructecl passage. The workers got scarecl, went up to the ground anel covereci the hole. The constructions anel reparations in the Bazaar are generally done by a group of workers from Erzurum. Master Mevlüt was one of d1em. He was teliing that he had been in the Bazaar for thiıty years. For sure, he haclmany secrets
paıtially ex.ists, it is said that the amount of trash in it is as much as three tmcks’ load. I got curious and clicl a litde research three years ago anel teamed that it was ownecl by clifferent owners as National Estate, Trust Estate and private personal propeıty. A histarical tı·easure, located in the midelle of d1e Grancl Bazaar, d1e center of İstanbul, was left to its clestiny anel became seattereeL One day a very handsome man together with a veıy beautiful woman came to our magazine. “W e want to meet you” they said. His stoıy made me veıy happy as well as excited. He said, “I am the owner of Sarraf Inn.” When I said, “How come? But d1at place is , he starteel to teli: “I inherited it from my grandfather. I purchased the stocks. The trust estate is veıy smail. I got the peımission from related authorities and had the project drawn in accordance with its original one. My aim is to habilitate this place according to its histarical identity and add a value wid1 its surroundings rather than gaining any ineome from here. They told me about you in Turing, so I wanted to come and get your own opinion as well.” Yes, in this countıy, if you say something right for ten years, it comes to life at the end. Necessaıy peımission has already been taken for the Inn’s restorations and constıuctions has staıted.

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