Say About Grand Bazaar


The Monument That Tells It’s Story

As far as I know, the idiom “going out to the bazaar” is only used in Turkish and Persian. When the verb “going out” comes together with bazaar, that is peculiar to Eastern civilizations, the scope of the concept expands; … Read More »


The Grand Bazaar

Just like people’s genetics are the links between the past and the future, societies and nations carry their characteristics to the future from the past. For a country, contempting, rejecting and being aslıamed of its past is a different thing … Read More »


Being Lost In The Grand Bazaar

In his childhood, archeologist/publisher Nezih Başgelen gets lost while he is wandeıing in Grand Bazaar with his mom and aunt. Without any fears, Başgelen retums back to his home alone. His mather and aunt, who go frantic out of fear, … Read More »


The Grand Bazaar Covered Markets

I wonder if the lost of the Grand Bazaar’s ‘shopping center’ pasi- tion to those cureall supermar- kets play any role in the lost of its local customers as well. When people get old, they tend to compare everything with … Read More »


Grand Bazaar Be A Palace For Cinema

When I fırst saw the Italian famous director, Bemarda Bertolucd’s “The Sheltering Sky” movie, I thought; “I definitely have to go to the desert where this movie was shot”. In the movie, just !ike a witch, the desert was calling … Read More »


The Change Of The Grand Bazaar

If I array some numbers in an order, I wonder, what would they teli you? 3300 shops, 65 streets, 14 active inrıs, 18 gates which open to 4 directions, 20 thousand workers, 100 thousand suppliers, an average of  300 thousand … Read More »


The Grand Bazaar Is Longer a Sealed Box

Is there anyone who hasn’t seen or heard of the Grand Bazaar You’ll say that that is ridicilous. Many poets wrote about it, it is even possible to say that everyone has a different perception of the Grand Bazaar. You … Read More »


How much Is One Oka Of The Shadows

“And I wish ”bwnpkins”, who ask “How much is one oka of the shad- ow?”, won’t stand in the way of Grand Bazaar to which it should proceed. It is up to you: Would you like to have a cultural … Read More »


My Favorite Place: The Grand Bazaar

Due to economic erisis I started to work a few jobs at the same time. Radio, television, new arti- des in new magazines … There are many people who are in the same Anyways, going back to the story, while … Read More »


About The Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar. .. It was one of the windows of my childhood, which opened to the world Going to the Grand Bazaar was kind of an awakening. The trips taken to the Bazaar by the groups of women of … Read More »