Say About Grand Bazaar


Keeping the Grand Bazaar Alive

” … and I became exhausted. I am tired! How neglectecl I look and how sick I am inside … However, I can raise you up from the place you knelt down. I can put the dress of culture on … Read More »

A Humanity School : Our Grand Bazaar

Have you ever thought the reason why tourists show more interest in the Grand Bazaar instead of huge super- markets and swanky shopping centers whose numbers have gradually increasecl in recent years in İstanbul? If their goal is to buy … Read More »


The Midst Of Istanbul

The biggest goal of the Grand Bazaar magazine is to turn the Grand Bazaar into a cultural center.Source Aksiyon Autho Nihai Bengisu Karaca A place where all the colors and desires of handicrafts can be observed. . . A place … Read More »


Thoughts Of The Grand Bazaar

Take a look at the tradesmen who learn the tourists’ languages in two days and try to seli in those languages… Which language school can teach a language as sincerely and quickly as this place? In the last century, the … Read More »