The Adhan Of Constitutional Monarchy

75In the Bazaar there was a smail mosque which was built during the times of Mahmut II. Lately some of the poorer tradesmen used to come to the mosque to become the muezzin. One day while one of these men was reciting the adhan, he saw that a few men were about to finalize a sale in the cabinet located right at the foot of the balcony of the minaret -After he said “Hayyalessala” (Make haste towards worship) he !owered his voice, looked down and said “I am in” -and after he said “Hayyalelfelah” (Come to the true success) he added: I am in! Asab, a shawl seller, who witnessed this incident but could not understand what was going on, came to me sad and grieved: -”I swear the grand azan of Muhammad is different in Bedestan. They recite it as “Hayyalessala I am in, Hayyalelfela I am in” Then he asked: “Is this the azan of the constitutional monarchy?”

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