The Agenda Covered Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar is a human-being. A veıy miserable one. A place with a chiseled foundation, wearied colunms, and a destructed roof. It was once a temple, the symbol of the Empire. However, now, it seems like it will collapse if you blow. One day, a man, who really needs to use the bathroom, goes to the restroom in Evliya Inn in a hurry. But all of the doors are locked, and occupied. He feels like he is about to explode but no one comes out of any of the cabins. He starts sweating and impatiently knocking the doors one by one, as if he was going to die. If only one would leave so he would get in. If only he would be relieved from the pain he is in. He is in this one tiny restroom of Grand Bazaar; and all are occupied. As he knocks a door, he hears a cough from inside. Then, he knocks again, and this time the man inside says “busy”. However, he has no patience left and knocks again. Since the man inside did not know his situation, he gets really angıy for being disturbed constantly, so he swears at him. On top of the suffering the man goes through outside, someone swears at him?! He can’t take it and attacks the other man once he steps out of the restroom They start to fight and people tries to separate them. Even the police comes. The police is used to this kind of quarrels among the traders of the Grand Bazaar where there is a lot of stress. The traders, who abruptly lose temper and break each other’s heaıt, make peace in a shoıt time. These kinds of fights, among these people who look at each other’ s faces eveıy day, are like the ones in a family that flares up and be put out quickly. However, things are changing now, and only a few people are aware of it. The furious trader now goes to the store of his opponent and fights again. . .Just when you think it ended, he comes to the same store with a more crowded group. Nobody understands what is happening. Right there, three lives, three souls are gone. Then, another severely wounded man. The Grand Bazaar is now like a bomb, ready to explode.

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