The Attention From The Foreigner

I was so occupied with the Bazaar. The face of my store in the Cebeci Inn was gradually changing. I started to frame all the pictures that I found during the publication of the Bazaar Magazine, along with some interesting news, such as the visits of government leaders, the fire of 1954; the grand opening held by Adnan Menderes in 1956 ete. and hung them on the walls. Thus, we had a small museum of our own. The goldsrrıith Faruk Sevdik was getting more excited than I was, and everyday he was doing his best to support me. Right at those times, we began to have different visitors. For instance, an old American woman came to meet with us. She said that she was a joumalist who was doing reseaı·ch on the tradesmen in the Bazaar, who are from different ethnic and national backgrounds and asked for our help. Once we had put our knowledge together, we had a very unique list of Turkish, Caucasian, Arab, Kurdish, Laz, Rumanian, Serbian, Syrian, Jewish, Arrnenian, French, Bulgaıian, Russian, Australian, Bosnian, Albanian, Iranian, Iraqi, Turkmen, Afgan …. tradesmen. And the list went on. The only place that could be the World Culture and Trade Center was truly the Grand Bazaar.

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