The Barber Shops

For example, in Barber shops  Our shop opens with the name of Allah eveıy morning, Selman is pure, and he is our father and master. In Turkish baths: Our bath opens with the name of Allah eveıy morning, Muhsin bin Osman is our father and master. Again in Fütüvvetname all prophets were shown as eraftsmen. They were as well reeognized as “Masters” by the eraftsmen. Later on, according to the needs, edicts whieh determined the regulations for craftsmen again were enacted. Eveıy master in “the Braveıy and Craftsmanship Communities” and in the guilds, which replaeed ” the Braveıy and Craftsmanship Communities” later on, in İstanbul so in Turkey was subjected to a strict and eontinuous bail by the records of Fütüvvetname first and later by the ediers of craftsmen regulations.

The Trade Guild was divided to Muslim and non-Muslim guilds under the same steward’s leadership and these guilds elected their own yiğitbaşı. The fallawing edict showed the reason of the division between Muslim and non-Muslim guilds: “It is the verdiet of the Judge of İstanbul that: The non-Muslim tailors in İstanbul made a petition to the Imperial Court regarding their eomplaints about their steward İsmail and his son, Halil, who is also their yiğitbaşı. It is said that he oppresses non-Muslim tailors by threatening them with punishments and collecting money for food and holidays whieh is not allawed by the religion. He increased these oppressions day by day and beats the ones who rejected to give the money up by foot whipping some and by using fists for others. Tailors’ steward İsmail and Yiğitbaşı Halil are restrained from these actions and must avoid any disaffection.” (H. 1177, M. 1764) The word used for “guild” in Turkish is “Lonea” which eomes from the Italian word “Loggia” meaning “room” or “eompaıtment”. The word “Lonea” could be explained as “Trade Rooms” in the dictionaıy. After the Declaration of Constitutional Monarehy, the stewardship was abolished and the trade guilds were closed.

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