The Budding Pearl

One of the interesting stories that have been told is the one about the budding pearl. Prior to 1980 military coup, the pearl was imported illegally and brought to its customers. In terms of shape and roundness, the desirable pearl must have been the one that was smooth and even. Back then, mosdy a single company imported the pearls, and made great profit by buying them for ten cents and seliing for a dallar. However, the pearls were not perfect in terms of roundness; therefore, they were lining them in a specific way that would hide their imperfections. If one looked at d1e pearls from different angles, one would see different pictures. Once, as a customer took her pearl necklace off and examines it, she noticed some changes in her necklace and irnmediately thought that the pearls were changing their shapes. Since she did not understand what was going on, she went to the jewelry store in the Bazaar to find out. She showed the bumps on the pearls to the jeweler, and asked;”You see these bumps? These pearls keep changing their shapes everyday’. The jeweler responded at once without any hesitation; “Ma’am, these pearls simply budded, these are the budding pearls”. Taday, stili many people think that same pearls actually bud. Many customers still come to the Grand Bazaar and ask for the budding pearls.


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