The Crying Emerald

There are interesting truelife stories that are peculiar to the Grand Bazaar. Among those stories, unfortunately it is possible to see a few negative ones, even though the majority of these stories leave possitive effects on people. As we all know, emerald is a precious stone. In the world, Brazil and India are the hometowns of this stone. A carat may be worth between $10 to $3000. Its color determines the price. As it gets darker, clearer and cleaner, its price goes higher. The most desirable of them are the ones that have the color of a duck head. One day a woman from a very rich family visits a jewelry store in the Grand Bazaar. She buys a jewelry that has a large emerald in the middle surrounded by diamonds. She uses this piece of jewelry, which dazzles its beholder with its design and craftsmanship, for two years. Then, she takes it to a jeweler whom she knows to get it cleaned. When the jewelry is washed, something shocking happens. The color of the emerald gets lighter. This event, that seems impossible to happen, obviously proves that the customer is deceived. Next day, she takes the jewelry back to the store to retum it. She tells what has happened in frustration. However, the dealer’s response was more bewildering. He yells his employees; “Hey, you see, it has returned at last. Who sold this piece? I have been looking for this “crying emerald” everywhere for a long time. Ma’am, sony about that, but this is a very unique piece.” However, he cannot deceive her once again. She insists on returning it. He agrees to refund 70% of her money and takes the erneral back. Yet, this story gets told everywhere in the Bazaar. Thereby, the weeping emerald gets very famous.

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