The Customer Agenda Grand Bazaar

The Grancl Bazaar, which usecl to provicle with eveıthing from soup to nuts, transformeel into a touristic atmosphere especially in the 80s anel staıtecl to seıve mostly to foreigners visiting the countıy. While not only the people of Istanbul, but many others from Anatolia usecl to provicle their needs from the Bazaar, even the wealthy local customers stoppecl coming. Economic erises broke out on enel. The events !ike the Gulf Wa r, September ll of the US, anel the Iraqi War substantially clecreasecl the number of tourists visiting the Bazaar. Moreover, the roacls leacling to the Bazaar wereclosecl one by one. Even if the people coulcl overcome the horrible jam of tı·affic, there was stili the problem of fincling a parking space. Therefore, people were avoicling this orcleal by not coming to the Bazaar. Although the new modem spacious shopping malls had a slightly negative effect on the Bazaar, they coulcln’t overshaclow its mysterious attraction. However, neither the ones who come to dıe Bazaar, nor the ones who do not were entirely happy. By soıne chance anel some conscious, on March 2003, the Bazaar had an unique experience. The ELLE magazine publishecl a supplenıent on the Bazaar widı

its March issue. Many obstacles were encounterecl white preparing dıis supplement which was a free aclvenisenıent special to dıe Bazaar. The items were being bon·owecl from each store by paying dıeir real values, anel their pictures were being taken in special stuclios. As the items were returneel to dıe store, dıe money was given back. We never could have afforclecl such a big aclveıtisement. We went to a big store nameel Ali Baba, anel the inciclent we had experienced there had upset me so muclı. The total price of the item samples dıat was picked for the photo slıoot was not ınuch, but the owner said “No, Once the items are out of dıe store, dıey can not be refunclecl.” Bogazici Magazine, whiclı is publishecl by dıe Boğaziçi University Alumni Assosiation anel clistributed to tlıousancls, is an impoıtant publication. Again, on their March issue, they sparecl eight pages to the Grancl Bazaar. In it~ first week of the same March, Tempo magazine also sparecl six pages for us. Tiıus, dıe month of March was literally an aclveıtisement mondı for the Bazaar. For two months, dıere were new customers whom we had never seen before. They climinishecl graclually. I believe, they woulcl still keep coming clespite the problems of traffic anel parking, if we clid not tıy so lıarcl to clrive thenı out. We are loacled widı bad habits from tip to toe. Oh, welcome, come in ma’am … Let me help .. .Is there any specific tbing that you are looking for. .. ” The same utterances in 90% of the streets. In all sixty r.vo stı·eets anel roacls .. . In 90% of the dıree tlıousancl stoı·es.. Tlıen NC keep whining !ike, “oh dı e business is clying.” Of co~ırse, customers woulcl not come to dıe Bazaar, where our daugbters anel wives clo not feel comfoıtable to come to.

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