The Director Of Ptt In The Grand Bazaar

78He came to the Grand Bazaar on December 14th 1984. He has been working here for exact twenty four years. We learn from him that the first Grand Bazaar Posta! Center was opened in Sandal Bedestan. On August 1954, P.T.T Center opens with a grand ceremony. The pictures that are the witnesses of that day gives us hints about the clothings of the people of the time. There are also interesting details about people’s apperances on the pictures. However, we all know that there was a big fire in the Bazaar on Noverber 26, 1954. According to the records, the fire could not get into the Sandan Bedestan. But even the part that the fire could not get into were effected by the fumes and the heat of the fire, almost the whole Bazaar became useless. P.T.T center had to move to another location in a short time period of four months. After the fire, restorations went on for years and after that a new location for P.T.T center was determined. P.T.T center moved to its current location, Gani Çelebi street no:l, which is owned by Metropolitan Municipality, after this fire incident. I couldn’t any information about the identity of the people in this picture. Only, it seems that one of the people who is giving speeches is the our Bazaar’s chairman of guild, Mehmet Esmer. In addition, although it was August at the time the fact that eveıyone in the picture except a few wore tuxedos and ties get our attention. It is interesting to see a guy standing right in the middle, wearing only an undershirt in one of these pictures.

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