The First Iftar Dinner Of The Magazine

154The first lftar clinner of the magazine was going to be hele. ı ımıele a deal with a hotel in Beyazıd that they were going to provicle clinner up to one hunclrecl fifty people in return of their aclvertisement in our magazine. istemihan Talay, dK~ minister of Culture of the time, was also arteneling to the dinner. The carpet dealer Erol Kazancı, who showeel great suppoıt to the magazine, was the one who invited the minister. In aclclition, the governor of İstanbul, the Police Comınissioner, a militaıy general, anel Lütfü Kibiroğlu, who was the mayor of Eminönü, were all coming as well. The ol eler traclers of the Bazaar were invitecl, too. T11ere was abo going to be joumalists anel writers such as Doğan Hızlan anel Tan Oral. Since [ was hosting of the event, I d1mıght I woukl also arrange the protocol. My idea was to arrange a seating plan in which the mayors, ministers, journalists and traclesmen could sit toged1er in each table. This way all d1ese people coulcl be on d1e same table at least for a while. However, thanks to the “know-it-all” protocol manager of the Govemor, I was not able to do what I wanted. Even toclay, it is stili something that I wish I coulcl do. Since d1e clinner was supposeclly for a hunclrecl anel fifty people, I got woıTiecl when the number of people increasecl to two hunclrecl with the bodyguarcls anel other unexpected attenclants. Where woulcl I fincl d1e money for the eA.’tra fifty people? Right at that time, I got other unexpectecl news. The minister of Tourism, Mustafa Taşar, was also on his way to the clinner. We truly had respect for him; however, we clicl not have any more money. As I was brooding about what to do, 1 heard d1at be couldn’t come because of an emergency meeting wid1 a Chinese bo~ırcl, d1is way I was saveeL W e haven’t been able to organize such an event again. The eclitor of the magazine, Rifat Dedeoğlu elieel on June 22ncl, 2002, a year after we met. He knew that I did not have any more money. I later found out that he paid our debt to the printing press by withdrawing money from his credit card before he died.

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