The French Research Team

3-4 French women visited me in December 2004. While Mathilda, who had fluent Turkish, was examining the lnns of the Bazaar, her friend was doing a research on the craftsmen. They were supported by the French govemment. They to! d me that they were working in the French Institute. I immediately asked Mathilda if she had any documents on the Inn we were in. She said, “I am working on the 18th century, and Cebeci Inn is olderthan that.” She also tok! me that she could not find much about the Grand Bazaar from the universities, but she was going to look at the Ottoman archives for me. Meanwhile, she mentioned a study-case at the French Institute to me. The study was about the  management and organization of covered Bazaars. It was interesting to hear that this study, which had staıted in December 2004, was going to continue until April 2005 with a conference each month. Ve are stili in contact with Mad1ilda. Meanwl1ile, I asked her about Faclime Deli, who came from France two and a half years ago and was a French citizen. I found out that they were coming from d1e same institute. Fad.ime Deli had also done a general research on d1e ı:raelesmen of İstanbul.


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