The Grand Bazaar Regulations

Big Organizations grow bigger with their pasts.The biggest proofs of the history are the documents and the records.For that reason,we are presenting the original Grand Bazaar Foundation Regulations,which was published ooriginally in 1926 along with its translation in modern-day English
This document which has never been mentioned in any previous researches was published for the first time on the 3 rd issue of the Grand Bazaar Magazine.These regulations,which talks about some issues such as the role and the duties of an administerative board oftradesmen the establishment of an organization the income and know it should be spent etc… gives important messages to our current administrative management.
In the 16 th article of the regulations an older set of regulations dated back to April 17,1921 is mntioned; however they couldn’t be obtained. Also,we could not find an example of the identification cards, which were given to the tradesmen and which were mentioned in the 14 th article of the regulations. The following is the exact copy of the booklet in Latin letters,though it was originally published in old Turkish letters. The regulations of Grand Bazaar Umran Assocation Headqarter. Kalpakcilar Road Sorguccu Inn No:22 19261341 Kader Printing Press.

The Regulations Of Grand Bazaar Umran Association
1. In order to ensure the safety development and order oof the the Grand Bazaar Umran Association was establised.
2. The honorable founders of the previous organization that was established in April 17,1922(1336 in the Muslim Callender)are listed bellow and their rights are still preserved.
1) Fabric Seller Mehmet Sakir Dede Efendi
2) Antiquarim Abdullah Salabi Efendi
3. Jeweler Nasib Cezvedyan Efendi,
4. Shoe Seller Haci Mehmet Şerif Efendi,
5. Carpet Seller Ömer Mümtaz Efendi
6. Leather dealer Necipzade Mehmet Bey,
7. Retired Military Officer Mustafa Bey,
8. Hacı Osman Efendizade Hüseyin Bey, Yağlıkçı (business of se1lihg items related to marital ceremonies)
9. Quilt Seller Riza Bey,
10. Drapery Seller Mehmet Ziya Bey,
11. Shoe Seller Manolaki Efendi,
ı2. Women’s Apparel Seller Celali Bey,
13. Leather bealer Rapael Efendi,
14. Jeweler and Clock Seller Garipyan Bey,
15. Shirt Seller Hafız Burhan Efendi,
16. Shirt Şeller Halit Bey,
17. Scarf Seller Hafız Şükrü Efendi,
18. Leather Goods Seller Ali Sırrı Bey,
ı9. Women’s Apparel Seller, Yusuf Efendi,
20. Slippers Seller Mustafa Efendi,
21. Towel and Undergarment Seller Kasapzade Mustafa Efendi.

The Objectives 3. According to the first article: a. To provide internal and external safety and order of the Bazaar, and do the maintenance. b. To manage the safety and the continuity of the night guards according to the old traditions and laws. c. To help the tradesmen who pay their dues they cornmitted regularly. d. To reconcile the conflicts between parties, who come to the assodation voluntarily, for the best, infarın them about the dedsions and make sure that all of the given orders are being obeyed. 4. This organizations will never involve in politics.

The General Assembly and Its Duties 5. All the tradesmen and craftsmen who are older than eighteeen years old, are the natural and permanent members of the Assodation and constitute the General Assembly. 6. The general assembly meets in the beginning of every other year upon the request of the Board, in order to determine the new board members, and evaluate the activities of the previous board. It can alsa meet in extraordinary sitnations upon the request of the Board. 7. The meeting request for the general assembly is to be sent ıs days prior to the meeting date. The attendants of this meeting will exclusively represent the member of the assembly.

The Board and Its Duties

8. According to article 6, every other year, the twelve n;ıempers of the Board are determined by the seeret votes 0f the; members of asse bly. The board members are called the active members. The director, the assistant director and the bookkeeper is chosen from among the board members.Their service is voluntary. Every six months, the director is chosen by the board members by seeret voting. Other than these, the ones who had same votes are chosen as substitution members, who will be put in charge if a board member leaves. The board, if the duty term ends, has to be in charge until the new board members are chosen.

9. The board has a right to hire a secretary or an assistant to use for correspondences and other duties in the assodation.

ıo. The board members have to be tradesmen who are at least twenty years old with no crirrıinal records and known bad manners. They have to be Turkish citizens, and be able to read, write and speak Turkish.

11. The board meets once a week to discuss and solve the problems mentioned above, make dedsions and put those decisions into practice. A minimum attendance of four members is compulsoıy, along with the attendance of the director or the assistant director. If neither the director nar the assistant director is available, then the members choose a temporary director from among themselves. The director or the assistant director has to attend the law suits canceming the Bazaar. A board member, who fails to attend the meetings for consecutive five weeks with no excuse, will be considered as if he/she resigned.

12. The bookkeeper monitors the officers who are in charge of keeping the records of expenses, incomes, the registries, and the dedsions of the Board. He alsa informs the Board about the results of his monitorings.

ı3. Under the authority of the Board, there will be an offidal seal named “The Grand Bazaar Development Protection and Embellishment Association”. This offidal seal will only be valid with the signatures of the director and the assistant director.

The Ineome and the Expenses

14. An identification card is given to the registered members in returo of a donation, which should not exceed 50 kuruş in a month. These cianations will first be used for the essential needs of the Assodation, then, if any money remains, it can be used for the cleaning, arrangements, lighting, fountains, fire hydrants and their parts, restrooms,water canals, sewer canals, ete. and for the maintenance and improvement of any necessary tools and fadlities for people’s benefits.

15. These regulations are subject to change by the consent of the general assembly.16. This set of regulations are in accordance with the older set dated 17 April 1922 0336) … These regulations, which consist of sixteen articles, are in accordance with the law. 15 Teşrirusani 1341 The Directorare of the İstanbul Law Office The Regulations of The Grand Bazaar Development and Preservation Foundation Headquarter: Kalpakçılar Road, Sorguçcu Inn, No: 22 1926/1341 Kader Printing Press…


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