The Knitter

One of the professions, after which streets were named, is the knitters. It is said that there were close to thiıty knit- ters until the 90s. I think there are only three knitters left today. The stoıy of Master Seyfettin, who stili continues his profession in the inn close to the Knitter Gate of the Bazaar, is pretty interesting. Master Seyfettin fell in love with a giı·l and wanted to marıy her. Knitting requires a ceıtain amount of time, edu- cation and skills. The father of his beloved did not want this marriage. Therefore, he made up all soıts of excuses. “If you managed to become a knitter, I will give you my daughter,” said he. Well, neither deseıts nor mountains can stand in front of love. Master Seyfettin stili continues his profession which he staıted out with a love story.

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