The Royal Car In The Bazaar

The big and neat road that goes from Beyazıt to Nuruosmaniye in the Grand Bazaar is callecl Kalpakçılar Avenue. Before, cars were forbiclclen in the Bazaar. However in the times of Abdülaziz, when the French Queen Spanish lacly Eugenia passeel through the Bazaar in her royal car, Kalpakçılar Avenue and its shops were decoratecl so extraordinarily that the Bazaar gainecl more fame anel was also praisecl by Napoleon’s wife. Time to time Mahmut II usecl to come to the Bazaar ricling his horse. During the times of Abdülaziz and Hamit II, Kalpakçılar Avenue was a place where the women and men came to amuse their eyes anel women behave coquettishly. In that time there were some women who used to call some of tradesmen “the handsome one who sells veils” or “the handsome one who sells draperie there were even ones who had dreams about Kani the silk seller and the ones who talked about the beautiful smell of Fanıki. After the fifteenth of Ramadan, the women of the palace were allowed to come to the Bazaar by their cars.

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