The Seagull Of Time Bazaar

To me, seagulls are one of the most beautiful symbols of İstanbul. TI1ey travel from shore to shore following the people who feed them from the rear deck of the boat. They are full of peace. Along with the sea, they are a breath for the people, who are caught between the traffic and the concrete. Well, you may ask the relevance between the Grand Bazaar and the seagulls. It was the year 2005. The first week of May. As I anived at the Cebeci Inn in d1e moming, we had an unlucky guest. In one comer of the huge courtyard of the Inn, a seagull, whose wing was cut and was still bleeding, becan1e the tradesmen’s center of attention. When my neigbbour, Mr.Yurdakul, came early in the moming, he saw a seagull falling down from the sky to my doorstep and took her immecliately to a veterinarian. The veterinari- an had to cut off the wing, gave her a shot and gave her back to Mr. Yurdakul. It turned out d1at the cats had attacked the wounded helpless seagull. Carpet dealer Adem Sağdıç, who is a true cat !over, saveel the bird from their attacts. W e found a box for her. At nights, we were placing her into this box and putting the box in one of the stores. In the momings, we were letting her outside, but always keeping an eye on her. The first five days, she did not eat anyd1ing. She was only clrinking water. We gave her red meat, chicken, fish, bread, and yet she was only dıinking water. She gradually regained her strength. W e were talking to her all the time. The most interesting thing was that instead of others, she chose the store of Master Rıza, who was making decorative goods out of nautical items. His store was full of nautical items.

When the bird gained her strengd1, the cats staıtecl to run away from her. She began to eat the food we gave her. At nights, she was getting into the emptied display window of Mr.Yurdakul, and spending the night standing and looking at her retleetion in the mirror without any movements. One moming she was gone. We looked for her for three days, but could not find her. At noon, we used to get together to cook and set the table to have lunch toged1er. TI1at aftemoon, we haci ebieken on the table. As we staıtecl to eat, one tradesman said; “Well, that was an abunclant seagull, her meat was enough for all of us.” We clropped our spoons and forks. We were shocked. Foıtunately, it turned out to be a joke. As Ne were sitting at the table, our seagull came back. She went directly to her copper cup that we provided her, and drank water. She was not only drinking water from the cup, but also tıying to put her heacl into it. It lookecl !ike she wanted to have a bath. We collected money right away among us. One of us went to Bakircilar and bought a plastic basin. We filled the basin with water and starteel to try catching the bird. At last, we caught her and put her into the water. Anel yes, we were ıight that she needed a bath. She was so happy !ike a child. She was diving into the water and deaning herself with her beak. She became pure white. After a while, our seagull tıied to escape, but, thanl< God, sameone found her outside the Bazaar and brought her back to us. However, she succeeded at her second attempt. It was so early in the morning d1at d1ere was nobocly in the Bazaar yet. When the watchman saw a seagull shambling towards the gate, he was surprisecl but, openecl d1e gate for her. ‘Ve were sony to lose her, but we respectecl her desire to reach to the sea.


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