The Trunk

They would gather araund in smail monasteries and dervish lodges during the times of Bravery and Craftsmanship Communities. The community’s inventoıy anel trust fund were also kept in a room of the same monasteıy. The ceremonies for an apprentice putting on the apron or a foremen becoming a master would take place there also. As we mentioneel above, the Bravery anel Craftsmanship Communities lasted until the second half of the 17th century. The primaıy reason of the establishment of  Trade Guilds instead was the situation of non-Muslim tracesmen anel craftsmen who constitutecl a big part in tradesmen group. In oı·der to speak freely about the issues which regardecl Muslim anel Non-Muslin tracesmen, the gathering place shoulcln’t have been a religious place. The Guild was openecl in an inn anel was as long as a market. It was a place where eveıy kinci of traclesmen group gathered araund anel craftsmen who did the same crafts workecl together. The steward anel Yiğitbaşı were the heacls of the management insteac of the sheik anel the chief. Old tradesman conu11unity, traclesmen anel craftsmen haci to obey the regulations that are formeel according to the Islamic belief anel manners.

These regulations were nameel “Fütüvvetname after the name Braveıy Community (originally Tarik-i Fütüvvet) which we mentioneel above. Fütüvvetname was the first Islamic regulations for tradesmen in our social life in addition to being a catechism book. In Fütüvvetname, tl1e duties of any work anel craftsmanship along with the list of Ashab al-Qiram (The Prophet’s Companions), who workecl as clifferent craftsmen among the first Islamic society during the times of the Prophet, were written. Those craftsmen companions were acceptecl as “Masters” by the Turkish-Muslim craftsmen in our country. For the masters of some other crafts which die not exist at the times of the Prophet, another famous person from an era after the Prophet’s became the “Master”. Until veıy recent times a verse was clefinitely placed as a plaque in the most glorious spot of the shops anel workshops of Turkish-Muslim traclesmen in İstanbul.

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