There Is Another Bazaar Beneath Bazaar

”There isa passage underground”. I have always hearc.l this. But, it never went further than being a legend. At last, a hint came to the light. One night, during a road construction, right at the begirıning of a road that opens up from Perclahcilar Stı·eet to Yaglikcilar avemıe, a hole was cliggecl. As a result, a passage underground was founcl. One of the workers went undemeath the grouncl wid1 a flashlight in his hane!. He saw an ongoing, completely constructecl passage. The workers got scarecl, went up to the ground anel covereci the hole. The constructions anel reparations in the Bazaar are generally done by a group of workers from Erzurum. Master Mevlüt was one of d1em. He was teliing that he had been in the Bazaar for thiıty years. For sure, he haclmany secrets he kept to hiı11self but, he had some interesting memories about this passage.

While he was cloing the floors of a store locatecl where Orta Kazazlar anel Keseciler meets, he sees a hole !ike a chiınney, locatec.l very close to the ground. He goes unclemeath d1e ground from the wide hole. After he proceecls a little, he gets worried because of the lack of air and goes back up to the ground. “There is anod1er baza:ır beneath the bazaar” says Master Mevlüt. Another passage was seen in Rubi Inn. One of the tı·aclesmen said that when he went clown to the eellar iı1 his store, he sa w a passage behincl a constnıcted waJJ but coulcl not proceed much because he got scarecl. No one knows what type of a stı1.ıct:ure the one uncler the grouncl is, but, the fact that these three places are located far from one anod1er supports Master Mevlüt’s “there is anod1er bazaar beneath the Bazaar” theory. Perhaps, a powerful anel rich management can one day eliı11inate all these obscurities anel put all these architectural beauties iı1to people’s seıvice.

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