Today’s Grand Bazaar

9In the old days tradesmen commanded so much respect and trust that people asked them to safeguard and invest their money. Today many shops in many lanes have changed character. Trades such as quilt makers (yorgancılar), slippe makers (terlikçiler), fez sellers (fesçiler) are just remained as street names now. The jewelers are placed on the main street and the goldsmiths side lane opening to this street. Prices vary different and bargaining is indeed customary in those rather small shops. Although the bazaar retains its former charm and allure, the large and modern companies situated at the main entrance, have started to offer better shopping opportunities for the tourist groups since 1970′s. The other active covered bazaars are the Spice Bazaar at the shore of Haliç, and a small one frot 15th century in Galata.

The Biggest Jewellery Bazaar in the World

We recommend to start from the Nuruosmaniye or Kürkçüler Gates to stroll around Grand Bazaar which is the biggest Jewellery Bazaar in the world. The jewellery shops along the Kalpakçılar Street offer the best design jewels of gold and diamond. The most popular jewellery shops are all located on this street. There are second hand watch sellers located at the end of the street The leather shops of various leather brands are also located on this street.

For The Antique Lovers

The old Covered Bazaar part of the Grand Bazaar is the most favourite place of antique lovers. There are also jewellery shops, carpet shops and old watches selling shops as well as various world famous shops located there. In addition you may have the pleasure to own unique hand made jewels of precious or semi precious gem stones.

The World Famaous Artists

Fabric shops are all located an the Yağlıkçılar Street Don’t think that you can buy fabrics every where, because many famous designers including Donna Karan, Jean Paul Gaultier and Rıfat Özbek visit these shops.

We have to remind you that if you like handmade clothes, most kinds are sold at Yorgancılar Street If you want to buy Ottoman robes than you should go to Perdahçılar Street. These numerous shops also sell various kinds of carpets. You may find many kinds of Anatolian hand weaves at the oldest shops of the bazaar which is the most favourite place to visit for both Turkish and foreign tourists. You are able to buy silk and regional hand weaves from these hundred years of shops.

The Winds of Change in the Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar with a 550 years of magnificent history carries the feature to be the first shopping center in the world. !talso continues to mark the shopping culture of2000’s through the openings of the world famous brands one by one in the bazaar besides the traditional shopping style.

In the past years, Grand Bazaar had been the haunt of the tourists, politicians and the ones who persisted in traditional shopping. Now it hosts various kinds of people with the effect of the TV series. The latest trends are also started to be followed in addition to the nostalgic shopping style, with the openings of the world famous brands especially Vakko, Pa$abahfe and Silk&Cashmere in the Grand Bazaar. The Grand Bazaar experiences the Ottoman air which has regained currency with the effect of the TV series, through the oriental boleros, centenarian caftans, natural perfumes and unique fabrics, on the other hand it contains the modern lines of our present time with the involvement of the world brands and makes the announcement of a new period.

The Grand Bazaar with it’s centenarian history, successfully combines the past and present as if resisting the modern shopping centres of today The biggest home production brands like Vakko, M.A.C., Silk&Cashmere are brought together in the Grand Bazaar so that the winds of change are blown in the historical streets of the Bazaar.


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