Today’s Grand Bazaar


James Bond at the Grand Bazaar

The 25th “007James Bond”film “Skyfall”s plot of 18 minutes was shot at some locations in İstanbul Grand Bazaar, Adana and Muğla. The first 18 minutes of the 90 minutes film take place in those places in Turkey. The shootings of … Read More »


Istanbul Is A Passion

Therese and Gerard Valck are two photographers who are in love with Turkey and with İstanbul in panicular. They visited Turkey many times, and as they went back to their homecountry France, they told the people about the beauties of … Read More »


The Seagull Of Time Bazaar

To me, seagulls are one of the most beautiful symbols of İstanbul. TI1ey travel from shore to shore following the people who feed them from the rear deck of the boat. They are full of peace. Along with the sea, … Read More »


The Nato Summit

In 2004, there was a febıile work going on in the entiı·e İstanbul. Preparations were being made for the NATO Sununit which was going to take place in İstanbul. Roads anel builclings were being repairecl, anel security precautions were beiııg … Read More »


Grand Bazaar In The Tea Houses And Cafes

I was the Secretaıy-General of The Grand Bazaar Foundation in 2000. In Halicilar Street, a friend nameel Metin Tosun opened up new place and changed the entire atmosphere in this place. Fes Cafe had became the centre of attraction for … Read More »


The University Recognizes The Bazaar

On the first week of December of 2004, Erdogan Kutlu, the chainnan of the executive board of a patent company, told us that Prof. Dr. Önder Küçükennan and Prof. Dr. Kenan Moıtan were putting together a comprehensive book on the … Read More »


Sarraf Inn

We do not know for how long Saffaf Inn, As a result, a passage underground was founcl. One of the workers locatecl right next to Cebeci Inn, has been clemolishecl, but it is clear d1at it has been a wrack … Read More »


There Is Another Bazaar Beneath Bazaar

”There isa passage underground”. I have always hearc.l this. But, it never went further than being a legend. At last, a hint came to the light. One night, during a road construction, right at the begirıning of a road that … Read More »


An Easy Touch

Those who wanclers arouncl the Grancl Bazaar, those who knows d1e Grancl Bazaar from the outside, perceive the riclmess of this place in an exaggeratecl way. True, in the bazaar, d1ere are many wealthy tradesman as well. The econom.ic cr.isis, … Read More »