Today’s Grand Bazaar


The Porter Who Carries The Rugs

just !ike the professions d1at nameel d1e streets, in d1e Bazaar of memoıies there had been many stories. In near future, a poıter shoulders the rugs anel hits to road towarcls his destination store. He realizes that some people in … Read More »


The French Research Team

3-4 French women visited me in December 2004. While Mathilda, who had fluent Turkish, was examining the lnns of the Bazaar, her friend was doing a research on the craftsmen. They were supported by the French govemment. They to! d … Read More »


The Attention From The Foreigner

I was so occupied with the Bazaar. The face of my store in the Cebeci Inn was gradually changing. I started to frame all the pictures that I found during the publication of the Bazaar Magazine, along with some interesting … Read More »


Born In The Grand Bazaar

I have already narrated the story that I found in a document, of a thief, who attempted to steal in the Grand Bazaar and was sentenced to death in a short time. I also narrated anather event from Rafet Yücel … Read More »


An Iftar Dinner In The Bazaar

Tiıroughout its history, the Grand Bazaar has preserved both its traditions and its conservative stıucture. So much so that the fez and other clothing styles, which became popular during the Murat II’s reign, were seen latest in the Bazaar and … Read More »


Photo Shoot For The Magazine Subscription

When I started publishing the magazine, I distributed the first two issues for free to many foundations, societies, organizations as well as to the traders. I wanted them to get familiar with the magazine, read it and subscribe to it. … Read More »

The First Iftar Dinner Of The Magazine

The first lftar clinner of the magazine was going to be hele. ı ımıele a deal with a hotel in Beyazıd that they were going to provicle clinner up to one hunclrecl fifty people in return of their aclvertisement in … Read More »


The Grand Bazaar Tells It’s Story

Tn 2001, I was veıy surprisecl when I founcl out that the Grancl Bazaar, which had a l1is- toıy of five hundred foıty one years, dicl not have any publications that talkecl about it. T was dıe secretaıy general of … Read More »


The Public Restroom

We were hosting the Mayor of İstanbul in the foundation. It was 2002. We thought we should ask him for something we needed. Something w e had already deserved. Years ago, the Bazaar foundation built a public restroom Then, the … Read More »


The Budding Pearl

One of the interesting stories that have been told is the one about the budding pearl. Prior to 1980 military coup, the pearl was imported illegally and brought to its customers. In terms of shape and roundness, the desirable pearl … Read More »