Today’s Grand Bazaar


Infected EyeGlasses

The incident, that the joumalist Yiğiter Uluğ told when he came to the Bazaar for a research, is a familiar, optimistic, and a nice stoıy for the Bazaar. One of his friends, who is a basketball coach from the US, … Read More »


The Crying Emerald

There are interesting truelife stories that are peculiar to the Grand Bazaar. Among those stories, unfortunately it is possible to see a few negative ones, even though the majority of these stories leave possitive effects on people. As we all … Read More »


Diamond Importation

While Prof. Dr. Kenan Mortan was doing a field study for his book on the Grand Bazaar, he met Sait Koç, one of the famous goldsmiths. I would !ike to quote an event that he listened from Mr. Koc; “In … Read More »


The Grand Bazaar Smuggling

The mercer Metin Bensin, who also seıvecl a temı as the elirector of the foundation, was teliing us about the old customers as he was ralking about the old days of the Grand Bazaar: “I usecl to have over du-ee … Read More »


The Customer Agenda Grand Bazaar

The Grancl Bazaar, which usecl to provicle with eveıthing from soup to nuts, transformeel into a touristic atmosphere especially in the 80s anel staıtecl to seıve mostly to foreigners visiting the countıy. While not only the people of Istanbul, but … Read More »


Grand Bazaar Fundraiser

Between the years of 2000-2002 two groups of people were in dispute. New faces, new people … The boarding members of the Traders Foundation of Grand Bazaar. Back then, I was the general secretaıy of the Foundation. The fiı·st decision … Read More »


The Knitter

One of the professions, after which streets were named, is the knitters. It is said that there were close to thiıty knit- ters until the 90s. I think there are only three knitters left today. The stoıy of Master Seyfettin, … Read More »


What Goes Around Comes Around

The old money specialist Rafet Yücel is one of the oldest traders in the Bazaar who is stili actively working. Perhaps, he is the oldest. He often used to visit me, and take me to different worlds with his nice … Read More »


The Agenda Covered Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar is a human-being. A veıy miserable one. A place with a chiseled foundation, wearied colunms, and a destructed roof. It was once a temple, the symbol of the Empire. However, now, it seems like it will collapse … Read More »


Today’s Grand Bazaar

In the old days tradesmen commanded so much respect and trust that people asked them to safeguard and invest their money. Today many shops in many lanes have changed character. Trades such as quilt makers (yorgancılar), slippe makers (terlikçiler), fez … Read More »