We Must Note Two Events

In a Saturday of Februaıy towards the enel of the year 1591, the people of İstanbul were horrifiecl when they sa w same of the trı..ınks openecl anel the belonging inside those trunks stolen. The Bedestan community told that this robbeıy was by an outsider. This matter was investigated by a committee consistecl of the Juclge of İstanbul, who was the senior juclge, the Heacl of Janissaıy anel the Chief Constable, the most authorized security officers in İstanbul. People who had belongings or money clrew them back immecliately. Eectestan stayecl doseel for fifteen days. Finally, a boy who workecl in the repositoıy underneatlı an Iranian shop which solcl fragrances anel scents was suspected. All  the money was found in the repository and he canfessed his erime. His execution with exemdation was ordered but Mehmed III wanted to see the thief. The thief asked the Sultan for an easy death and the sultan commanded the execution by hanging the criminal. The stolen money was retumed to their owners. However, the community of Bedestan was destitute of the respect and security of the people. In recent years, even after the establishment of banks, these trunks were known as the safest places to keep belongings.

During the period of Abdulhamid, a dry-goods merchant died. His trunk in Bedestan stayed unopened for a long time until the inheritor was found in Iran. The inheritor was a poor villager who proved that he was the brother of the merchant. The trunk was opened before a committee and one hundred fifty thousand gold pieces were found in the trunk. The famous Turkish author and itinerant Evliya Çelebi who lived in 17th century wrote the following about the bedestan: “The bedestan is a tower like building which was built by the command of Mehmed the Conqueror. It is such a treasure that the belongings of all viziers and people are in its repositories with iron doors. It has four gates on four sides. On Kuyumcular Gate, a relief of an imposing bird with open wings is seen. It is said that earnings and fortune are a big wild bird and if one can find a way to catch it, one can make profit in this Bedestan. They say that this was the reason of this bird being engraved on the gate. The tradesmen in Bedestan are rich merchants. The Bedestan has seventy private guards who are such honest people. These guards wait over the Bedestan and lighten it by candles all night … “

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