What Goes Around Comes Around

The old money specialist Rafet Yücel is one of the oldest traders in the Bazaar who is stili actively working. Perhaps, he is the oldest. He often used to visit me, and take me to different worlds with his nice narratives, which are from his own life stories. All of those funny, interesting and adventurous stories had the same main idea: what goes around, comes around. Our brother, Rafet, was a handsome young man around 21-22 years old, when he first came to the Bazaar. In 1945, his landlord decided to seli the store he rented in the lnner Bedestan. The landlord was one the imams of the New Mosque. Mr.Rafet could only find 100 liı·as for the store which was forsalefor four hundred liras. He even went to Ankara to ask his grandfather for the money, but he retumed empty handed. As he was sitting absentmindedly in his store, he caught his neighbor Mr.Mehmet’s attention. He asked him; “Son, you have been really abstracted lately, what is wrong?”. Although he said that he was fine in order not to bother him with his own problems, Mr.Mehmet could see that he was abstracted and concemed. At last, Mr.Mehmet said, “He who does not reveal his problem, can never find a solution. Now, teli me what the problem is!” Mr.Rafet told him that he needed two hundred fifty liras to buy the store, but he could not find it. “Come to my store in ten minutes,” said Mr.Mehmet.

At the time, there was a bank in Sandal Bedestan. The bank manager was the son-in-law of Mr.Mehmet. Once Mr.Mehmet vouched for him, the bank gave Mr.Rafet a loan for two hundred fifty liı·as to be repaid in ninety days. As they were sitting at the manager’s office, the teller counted the money and gave it to Mr.Rafet. Since he trusted the teller, Mr.Rafet did not count the money again and put it directly to his pocket. When he arrived at his store, he put the money to the safe. He gave money to two different people who asked for a change. However, in the second time he realized that there were actually e:xtra two hundred liras in the money stack he received from the bank. When he counted the money, he found out that it was not two hundred fifty liras, but four hundred fifty liras. Apparently, the bank accidentally gave him more money. He went to fue bank right away, and retumed fue money.

The teller said to him, “You did not give me only iliis two hundred liras but the whole bazaar. If they had found out about fue missing amount, who knows how terribly they would tl1ink of me.” Mr.Rafet said he did what he was supposed to do, and retumed to his store. Ne:xt day, the manager of the bank along with a couple of people came to his store to thank him for his honesty. Mr.Rafet could not pay his loan in three months but his honesty paid off well. The bank arranged a payment plan for him with no interest. This way, Mr.Rafet owned the store in the Inner Bedestan.

One day, a couple comes to his store. The woman gives her wedding band to her husband right before he enters the store. Mr.Rafet sees it through the window. The man tells him that he wants to sel! the ring. Mr.Rafet understands the situation and starts chatting with him. The ring is worthy of eight liras. The couple comes to İstanbul from Kastamonu for their son’s medical treatment; however, they become penniless, and cannot find the money even for their retum tickets. Eight liras surely is not enough for their expenses. Despite their objections, Mr.Rafet gives them fourty liras for the tickets and ten liras for travel expenditures, and he sends them home. After a short period of time !ike six months, when Mr.Rafet had already forgotten about the incident and the money he lent, the same couple comes to his store. Along with their blessings, they give him some gifts and the money that they borrowed.

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